멀티랙 방식 통신장비용 앰플리파이어 캐비넷의 액냉형 냉각시스템 설계
Year of publication 2004
Title of paper 멀티랙 방식 통신장비용 앰플리파이어 캐비넷의 액냉형 냉각시스템 설계
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Abstract An air cooling technology for electronic equipment has developed in the past twenty years in accordance with rapid growth in electrical industry. The air cooling method has covered wide scopes and exercised a far-reaching influences over broad ranges. However it reaches the limit of cooling capacity. New manufacturing processes of chips make an acceleration of abilities of electrical equipments but impose over heatings. It has marked in fields of telecommunication equipments. We need to make an counterproposal of this problem. Liquid cooling methods are actual measures for over heatings of telecommunication equipments. They are superiorities to air in thermal properties and possible to make smaller heat sinks. This study are focused on the liquid cooling method of multi rack-type amplifier of telecommunication equipment. Three types of heat exchanger for the liquid cooling method were tested. Each heat exchanger was compared with others in the respect of heat rejection. A Selected heat exchanger was also compared with air-cooling type heat sinks and other type liquid cooling heat exchanger. Then, the selected heat exchanger was applied to a full scale liquid cooling system for a multi rack-type amplifier cabinet. New liquid cooling system includes an outdoor air cooling unit and an indoor constant temperature bath. They are intermittently operated by contolling solenoid valves. Valve operation is decided by the heated surface temperature of telecommunication equipment. This method yields energy savings and low operating cast. This new cooling method reduces thermal resistance by 11~28% as compared with the air cooling method.
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