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Air-side heat transfer characteristics of ambient air vaporizers with various geometric parameters under cryogenic frosting conditions
Junho Kwon, Sungho Yun, Sewon Lee, Wonhee Cho, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 184, Article number 122245, 2022
Experimental evaluation and prediction model development on the heat and mass transfer characteristics of tumble drum in clothes dryers
Dongchan Lee, Minwoo Lee, Myeong Hyeon Park, Yongchan Kim
Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 202, Article number 117900, 2022
Performance improvement of solar-assisted ground-source heat pumps with parallelly connected heat sources in heating-dominated areas
Minwoo Lee, Dongchan Lee, Myeong Hyeon Park, Yong Tae Kang, Yongchan Kim
Energy, Volume 240, Article number 122807, 2022
Optimization of semi-interlocking heat sinks for hotspot thermal management using multi-objective genetic algorithm
Hyun Ho Shin, Sungho Yun, Myeong Hyeon Park, Dong Soo Jang, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 183, Article number 122170, 2022
ZIF-8-based oxygen reduction reaction catalyst prepared from one-pot and stepwise ion- and liquid-assisted grinding modified with tris-1,10-phenanthro…
Wonseok Yang, Dowon Cha, Wooyeol Lee, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 47, Issue 6, Pages 3846 - 3856, 2022
Heating performance of a coolant-source heat pump using waste heat from stack and electric devices in fuel cell electric vehicles under cold condition…
Hoseong Lee, Dongchan Lee, Yongchan Kim
Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 252, Article number 115092, 2022
Performance characteristics of a novel heat pipe-assisted liquid cooling system for the thermal management of lithium-ion batteries
Dong Soo Jang, Sungho Yun, Seong Ho Hong, Wonhee Cho, Yongchan Kim
Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 251, Article number 115001, 2022
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