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Leading Future Technologies of Energy and Material Science at the College of Engineering, Korea University
Yong-Mook Kang, Yongchan Kim, Kwan-Young Lee
Advanced Energy Materials, Volume11, Issue27 Article number 2101200, 2021
Performance improvement of heat pumps by optimizing refrigerant charge using novel variable liquid-line length system
DongChan Lee, Minwoo Lee, Wonhee Cho, Yongchan Kim
Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 196, Article number 117287, 2021
Effects of compressor frequency and heat exchanger geometry on dynamic performance characteristics of heat pump dryers
JunYoung Choi, DongChan Lee, Myeong Hyeon Park, Yongju Lee, Yongchan Kim
Energy, Volume 235, 15 November 2021, Article number 121391, 2021
Assessment of realistic departure from nucleate boiling ratio (Dnbr) considering uncertainty quantification of core flow asymmetry
Il Suk Lee, Dong Hyeong Yoon, Young Seok Bang, Tae Hoon Kim, Yong Chan Kim
Energies, Volume 14, 1504, 2021
Air-side heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of flat-type, U-and V-shaped microchannel condensers for refrigerator applications
Sung Hyuk Oh. Sang Hun Lee, DongChan Lee, Sung Hyun Moon, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 176, 121460, 2021
Numerical analysis on thermo-fluid–structural performance of graded lattice channels produced by metal additive manufacturing
Sungho Yun, DongChan Lee, Dong Soo Jang, Minwoo Lee, Yongchan Kim
Applied Thermal Engineering, Volume 193, 117024, 2021
Flow patterns and heat transfer characteristics of R-1234ze(E) for downward condensation in a plate heat exchanger
DongChan Lee, Sungho Yun, JunYoung Choi, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 175, 121373, 2021
Experimental and numerical analyses of quenching performance of hot stamping blanks by two-phase refrigerant cooling using R1234yf
Sungho Yun, Seong Ho Hong, Kang Sub Song, Junho Kwon, Yongchan Kim
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 173, 121231, 2021
Energy performance evaluation of two-phase injection heat pump employing low-GWP refrigerant R32 under various outdoor conditions
Dongwoo Kim, DongChan Lee, Minwoo Lee, Hyunjoon Chung, Yongchan Kim
Energy, Volume 214, 119098, 2021
Comparative heating performance evaluation of hybrid ground-source heat pumps using serial and parallel configurations with the application of ground …
Minwoo Lee, Dowon Cha, Sungho Yun, Seok-Mann Yoon, Yongchan Kim
Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 229, 113743, 2021
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