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Performance characteristics of domestic hybrid dehumidifier combined with solid desiccant rotor and vapor compression system
정현준,전용석, 김동우, 김선재
ENERGY, 2017
Performance of a Two-Phase Injection Heat Pump with the Variation of Injection Quality and Pressure
김보겸,김동우, 이동찬
International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2017
Flow patterns and heat transfer characteristics of flat plate pulsating heat pipes with various asymmetric and aspect ratios of the channels
장동수 , 이주성 , 안재환 , 김동우 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Numerical study on the optimal design of injection-hole geometries of a twin rotary compressor in a liquid injection heat pump
전용석 , 이상헌 , 김원욱 , 정종호 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Experimental Study on Performance Characteristics of the Triple Fluids Heat Exchanger with Two Kinds of Coolants in Electric-driven Air Conditioning S…
이호성 , 원종필 , 임택규 , 전한별 , 조규창 , 박연철 , 김용찬
Energy Procedia, 2017
Performance characteristics of an R600a household refrigeration cycle with a modified two-phase ejector for various ejector geometries and operating c…
전용석 , 김선재 , 김동우 , 정현준 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2017
Optimization of the injection-port geometries of a vapor injection scroll compressor based on SCOP under various climatic conditions
김동우 , 정현준 , 전용석 , 장동수 , 김용찬
Energy, 2017
Numerical study of the effects of injection-port design on the heating performance of an R134a heat pump with vapor injection used in electric vehicle…
정종호 , 전용석 , 이호성 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Effects of ejector geometries on performance of ejector-expansion R410A air conditioner considering cooling seasonal performance factor
전용석 , 정종호 , 김동우 , 김선재 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2017
Evaporation heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of R-1233zd(E) in a brazed plate heat exchanger
이동찬 , 김동우 , 박성기 , 임준엽 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Performance optimization of an R410A air-conditioner with a dual evaporator ejector cycle based on cooling seasonal performance factor
김선재 , 전용석 , 정현준 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
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