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Effects of the cylinder volume ratio of a twin rotary compressor on the heating performance of a vapor injection CO2 cycle
백창현 , 허재혁 , 정종호 , 조홍현 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2014
Heating performance characteristics of a dual source heat pump using air and waste heat in electric vehicles
안재환 , 강훈 , 이호성 , 정해원 , 백창현 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2014
Performance optimization of a cascade multi-functional heat pump in various operation modes
정해원 , 강훈 , 정현준 , 안재환 , 김용찬
International Journal of Refrigeration, 2014
Thermal resistance in corrugated plate heat exchangers under crystallization fouling of calcium sulfate (CaSO4)
이응찬 , 전재명 , 강훈 , 김용찬
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2014
Thermal comfort and energy saving in a vehicle compartment using a localized air-conditioning system
오명수 , 안재환 , 김동우 , 장동수 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2014
The effects of air stoichiometry and air excess ratio on the transient response of a PEMFC under load change conditions
김보성 , 차도원 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2014
Effective heat dissipation and geometric optimization in an LED module with aluminum nitride (AlN) insulation plate
정민우 , 전승원 , 이상헌 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2014
Performance characteristics of a two-stage CO2 heat pump water heater adopting a sub-cooler vapor injection cycle at various operating conditions
백창현 , 허재혁 , 정종호 , 조홍현 , 김용찬
Energy, 2014
장동수,이은지, 이상헌
International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2014
Minimization of hot spot in a microchannel reactor for steam reforming of methane with the stripe combustion catalyst layer
전승원 , 윤원재 , 백창현 , 김용찬
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2013
Verification study of a GSHP system Manufacturer data based modeling
김지영 , 김용찬
Renewable Energy, 2013
Performance optimization of a hybrid ground source heat pump with the parallel configuration of a ground heat exchanger and a supplemental heat reject…
International Journal of Refrigeration, 2013
Performance optimization of dual-loop cycles using R-600a and hydrocarbon mixtures designed for a domestic refrigerator-freezer
윤원재 , 김용찬
International Journal of Refrigeration, 2013
Optimization of injection holes in symmetric and asymmetric scroll compressors with vapor injection
조일용 , 김용찬
International Journal of Refrigeration, 2013
Heating performance characteristics of stack coolant source heat pump using R744 for fuel cell electric vehicles
이호성 , 김용찬
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2013
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