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Optimization of the injection-port geometries of a vapor injection scroll compressor based on SCOP under various climatic conditions
김동우 , 정현준 , 전용석 , 장동수 , 김용찬
Energy, 2017
Numerical study of the effects of injection-port design on the heating performance of an R134a heat pump with vapor injection used in electric vehicle…
정종호 , 전용석 , 이호성 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Effects of ejector geometries on performance of ejector-expansion R410A air conditioner considering cooling seasonal performance factor
전용석 , 정종호 , 김동우 , 김선재 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2017
Evaporation heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop of R-1233zd(E) in a brazed plate heat exchanger
이동찬 , 김동우 , 박성기 , 임준엽 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Performance optimization of an R410A air-conditioner with a dual evaporator ejector cycle based on cooling seasonal performance factor
김선재 , 전용석 , 정현준 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2017
Simulation-based optimization of an integrated daylighting and HVAC system using the design of experiments method
김원욱 , 전용석 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2016
Analysis of the system efficiency of an intermediate temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell at elevated temperature and relative humidity cond…
전승원 , 차도원 , 김형순 , 김용찬
Applied Energy, 2016
Model-based multi-objective optimal control of a VRF (variable refrigerant flow) combined system with DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) using geneti…
김원욱 , 전승원 , 김용찬
Energy, 2016
Numerical analysis of a high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell under humidified operation with stepwise reactant supply
김형순 , 전승원 , 김용찬
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016
Performance comparison between R410A and R32 multi-heat pumps with a sub-cooler vapor injection in the heating and cooling modes
조일용 , 서형준 , 김동우 , 김용찬
Energy, 2016
Performance improvement of a dehumidifying heat pump using an additional waste heat source in electric vehicles with low occupancy
안재환 , 이주성 , 백창현 , 김용찬
Energy, 2016
Numerical analysis of the performance characteristics and optimal design of a plastic rotary regenerator considering leakage and adsorption
정현준 , 이주성 , 백창현 , 강훈 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2016
Performance analysis of air source heat pump system for office building
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2016
Review: Condensation and Evaporation Characteristics of Low GWP Refrigerants in Plate Heat Exchangers
손병훈,전승원, 강용태
International Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2016
Effective heat dissipation and geometric optimization in an LED module with aluminum nitride (AlN) insulation plate
정민우 , 전승원 , 이상헌 , 김용찬
Applied Thermal Engineering, 2015
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