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판형열교환기 핀 홀의 위치 및 유속에 따른 누수율 및 내부 유동 특성에 관한 실험적 연구
Year of publication 2016
Title of paper 판형열교환기 핀 홀의 위치 및 유속에 따른 누수율 및 내부 유동 특성에 관한 실험적 연구
Author 송강섭 , 백창현 , 김성우 , 김용찬
Publication in journal 설비공학논문집
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Abstract Plate heat exchangers have been widely used in various fields because of their high heat transfer coefficients, small area of installation, and ease of maintenance compared to other heat exchangers. However, when plate heat exchanger is used for a long time, leak can occur due to inner crack. Therefore, it is important to understand the inner flow characteristics in plate heat exchangers. In this study, the inner flow characteristics and flow rate of plate heat exchanger were evaluated using various flow directions, pin-hole sizes, and Reynolds numbers. In downflow, initially most water flowed to the opposite of the inlet due to distribution region. Then it gradually had a uniform distribution due to chevron configuration. In upflow, it had a uniform flow consistently due to the dominant gravity effect. As the Reynolds number increased, the leak rate was decreased due to the inertia effect regardless of the flow direction.
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