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Plate-shell 열교환기에서 R245fa의 응축열전달 및 압력강하 특성에 관한 연구
Year of publication 2016
Title of paper Plate-shell 열교환기에서 R245fa의 응축열전달 및 압력강하 특성에 관한 연구
Author 김성우 , 백창현 , 송강섭 , 김용찬
Publication in journal 설비공학논문집
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Abstract Condensation heat transfer and pressure drop of R245fa were investigated experimentally in a plate-shell heat exchanger which consisted of thirty seven counter flow channels formed by thirty-eight plates with a chevron angle of 50°. The upflow of the water in one channel receives heat from the downflow of R245fa in the other. The effects of refrigerant mass flux, imposed heat flux, refrigerant saturation pressure, and mean vapor quality on the heat transfer characteristics were explored in detail. Experimental correlations were proposed to predict the condensation heat transfer coefficient and friction factor in terms of the Boiling number, Reynolds number, and Prandtl number. In the experiments, the mean vapor quality in the refrigerant channel was varied from .22 to .82, mass flux from 3 to 5 ㎏/㎡, imposed heat flux from 1 to 3 ㎾/㎡, and system pressure from .61 to .81 ㎫.
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